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Details zu Kurs 030212 (Commercial Correspondence - (Pre-)Intermediate Level)

Are you working for a new company? Is English now your all day life companion? You perfectly master the challenges of your office life and correspondence in German but how about this different culture and language!? Do you want to learn the most important facts about correspondence and email-letters in English? Come and join us in this business writing class.
Form and layout of business letters, office communication: emails, enquiries, offers and quotations, orders and acknowledgements, reminders, complaints and anything that is important for you.
The course is apt for participants with a good command of English, Level A2/B1. We will not use a book - all material (copies and further material) will be supplied by your teacher.

Status: wenig Teilnehmer

Details zum Kurs
Termin: Samstag, 26.10.2019
von 09:30 bis 16:30 Uhr
Kosten: 60,00 € (inkl. Handout)
Material: Please bring along: paper, pencils and a lot of examples and questions

[-] Kursraum:
  • Lupe Mainmühle, I/3
    Ringstr. 14
    97437 Haßfurt

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